The team:


Ron Tkachuk - President 

Be fair to the client, provide a safe workplace and take care of details to move the projects along without delays.
Avoid your first accident and you will never have another.

A third generation contractor.

  • Founded Elias Tkachuk Contracting in 1994

  • 40 years in the industry

  • Focused on employee well being, customer relations, reinforcing safety as a top priority


Scott Young – Project Manager

Dedicated to the key principles of building successful projects - communication, planning, organization, and risk management
  • Broad background in planning and project management

  • Registered construction safety professional

  • Committed to keeping clients objectives on track


Blake Young - Project management

Doing it right costs less than than doing it over
  • Journeyman Electrician and OFA Level 2

  • Diligent and ardent supporter of best practices

Candy Chai .jpg

Candy Chai - Accounting & Administration

Cost Effectiveness is one of the most important factors of a successful project
  • Over 20 years of experience in book keeping and tax filing

  • Dedicated to accurate and timely invoicing and accounting


NATASHA YOUNG - Project Manager

Create customers for life
  • Over 12 years experience in the construction industry

  • Extensive knowledge in safety management and project coordination


Tristan Tkachuk - Project manager

Facilitating communication and implementing innovative solutions is what puts us ahead.
  • Over 10 years of experience in the industry

  • Wide variety of projects


Ron Ristan - on-site Superintendent

“Construction involves a labyrinth of trade-work. Managing each trade in stages, is how I build successful projects”
  • Experience

  • Production and detail

  • Client satisfaction

  • Safety for all